Daniel Pitner, Graphic Artist

I Am Pitner

Breaker of Chains. Solver of Puzzles. Designer of Graphics.

I think of myself most often as a puzzle solver. My greatest strengths lie in my ability to take content and arrange it aesthetically. Since I came online around 3-years-old'ish, drawing has been my first love and passion. Around 20-years-old'ish I began to focus this into my second love: graphic design.

Photoshop and I have been together since it was delivered on multiple floppies and took days to install. I consider myself an expert at it. From the very first class I took at The Art Institute of Dallas back in 2000, I was in love. Literally in love with a program. Combine this with a Wacom tablet of some kind, and Photoshop and I are suddenly One; blurring the lines between man and machine.

My love for all things art and design are surpassed only by the love for my incredible baby girl. I have a daughter who makes me want to be a better person. She's been talking since she was 2yo, reading since she was 3yo, and amazing since forever.

Download my resumé then check out my work and see for yourself.